MEET THE FIND: Gabriela Peacock of GP Nutrition

Gabriela Peacock is a nutritional therapist and the creator/founder of GP Nutrition. She creates formulas that provide the nutrition that a body craves in very particular situations, for example, whilst travelling or on our return after a decadent, slightly excessive holiday.

GP Nutrition I THE FIND

My philosophy is to free my clients from strict rules and create bespoke solutions that fit around their busy modern lifestyles. This inspired me to develop potent, goal-focused formulas in convenient on the go sachets enabling you to live life your way. These bio-intense formulations provide your complete daily dose of nutrition - fuelling the best version of you. Have Fun, Live Life, Go Play!

Gabriela's Top Nutritional Tips

Keep your energy levels balanced by making sure you include protein with every meal. Very few of us eat enough protein and it is key in keeping our blood sugar levels balanced. There have been so many fad diets around protein in the last few years and it’s time to undo the myths surrounding it.

If you find yourself reaching for snacks or craving sugar in the afternoon then make sure you reach for something protein dense such as our Boost Me protein shake (also in our Fly Me kit for mid-flight snacking), or a small handful of nuts. Again this balances the blood sugar levels so keeps your energy steady, eliminates cravings and will even help you sleep better at night.

Drink more water! I am constantly reminding myself to drink more water and try to keep it interesting by preparing flavour infusions in glass bottles in my fridge so that I always have them to hand. My current favourite is rosemary infused water – so easy to make but absolutely delicious.

Gabriela's Little Find

I am a huge fan of Aromatherapy Associates and always travel with their miniature bath and shower oil collection – it acts as a little emergency kit whilst I am away.

Aromatherapy Associates Essential Bath & Shower Oils | THE FIND

Gabriela's Travel Hack

I travel frequently and always carry my Clean Me Kit in my bag to keep me hydrated, to boost my immune system and counteract the ill effects of flying. That inspired me to create our Fly Me Kit so that you are covered before, during and after your flight. It’s easy to assume that only long haul flights put stress on the body but even short flights can have an impact so it’s important your keep your system boosted.

GP Nutrition | THE FIND

Gabriela's Favourite Quote

I am passionate about what I do and love the quote;

“If you love what you do then you never work a day in your life.”

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