How to embrace Hygge in 5 simple ways

How to embrace Hygge in 5 simple ways - THE FIND

Winter is coming and there’s only one thing for it—let’s hygge it out!

Now the clocks have gone back, we shudder at the reality of extra long and dark evenings. But remember - with every cloud, there's a silver lining, and in this case, it’s more of a warm, golden glow… That’s right! We’re talking about hygge — the best thing to happen to winter since mulled wine. If you’ve forgotten all about the craze that swept the planet last year (even becoming the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year), fear not. THE FIND is here to help you get your little mittens around everything deliciously, delightfully hygge.

What is hygge?

Let’s start by saying hygge is more of a feeling than a ‘thing’. Although the word doesn’t translate directly from its Danish origin, it encapsulates the yummy, contented feeling that comes from an atmosphere that’s cosy and mindful. Inspired by long, dark Danish Winters, it’s the ritualised pursuit of a little warmth, a little light, and a little personal delight.

How can you create hygge?

Because hygge is a feeling — it’s personal — meaning there are many paths to the same treasured destination. Luckily, most of them are incredibly simple and inexpensive to create, allowing us to pick and choose according to what’s on our schedule and in our cupboards, with a few little treats thrown in for good measure…

Ambient Lighting: Go for the glow

After hours in front of a screen, bathed in office fluorescence, our eyes could really use a break — especially as nights get blacker and lights become ever-more jarring. So, turn down that dimmer switch, add some curated candlelight, and watch everything soften into a cosy, welcoming haze. The flicker of a flame is also hypnotically soothing, so, accent your space with pretty tea lights, long drippy taper candles, and fat scented ones! Our personal favourite, the aromatic Malin + Goetz Cannabis Votive Candle, will fill the room with comforting notes of fig and spicy sandalwood. Yum!

Shelter: Find your nook

There’s something about nestling down in a small, intimate space that makes you feel safe. It's like an architectural hug. ‘Small’ is, of course, subjective, and could be a snug room, your bed, a window seat, or even a dining room, as long as you feel physically wrapped in your environment. Add to the sense of sanctuary with some well-chosen textiles, from fluffy blankets to a scattering of cushions. A light spray of Bamford Botanic Pillow Mist and you’ll feel instantly at ease.

How can you create hygge - THE FIND

Be present: Switch off the world… your phone and TV!

We know. We said it would be simple, not easy. But trust us — the more you resist switching off technology, the more you probably need to! Just a little time without the constant distraction of bleeps, pings, and passive, babbling entertainment, will allow you to really appreciate the here, the now — a.k.a your life! With people, you’ll really listen and make heartfelt connections. Alone, your brain will reset and you’ll feel more grounded. We find taking a bath is one of the best ways to impose self-sanctioned rest — try Aromatherapy Associates Essentials Bath & Shower Oils for ultimate relaxation.

Together time: Sharing is caring

One of the best and most inexpensive things we can do is spend time with our loved ones. Of course, in the hygge sense, this is time doing something that’s mindful and connected. Gathered around the coffee table, sharing morning cake. Huddled around a board game on the living room floor. Even if it’s just the two of you, resist the urge to Netflix, and try something different and tactile, like giving each other a facemask. We love Hello Handsome Charcoal Face Mask for HEs and SKIN&TONIC LONDON Detox Mask for SHEs. Glowing hearts and skin? Bliss!

Turn simple to special: Go on, treat yourself

Finally, a bit like THE FIND, hygge is about finding the twinkle in the everyday. That could be using your favourite china mug for your evening tea, just because it feels a tad fancier. Popping on those dreamy cashmere socks you’ve been saving, even if it’s just to curl up and read. Enjoying a little spray of Therapie Roques O’Neil Restore Aura Spray before you head into a meeting. That feeling of slight indulgence? Yep - that’s hygge.

So, there we have it! The perfect way to ease into winter and reboot before ‘party season’ is upon us. Oh, and if after all that you’re wondering — how do I say it? It’s something in the region of ‘hoo-gah’. Yeh, perhaps just don’t…

How to embrace Hygge in 5 simple ways - THE FIND

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