MEET THE FIND: Claire Harrison of Swimming Rocks

This week we were delighted to chat with Claire Harrison the owner of the fabulous swim school Swimming Rocks.

So Claire tell us a bit about yourself

'I own and manage Swimming Rocks, a swim school offering lessons for babies, children and adults. We launched in 2009 and I’m super proud that we have a reputation as being one of London’s best swim schools.

We now offer lessons across 7 London venues and our ethos is driven by exceptional service as well being known for the outstanding knowledge and experience of our teaching and coaching team. And we have a few exciting projects lined up for 2018/19!!! So watch this space...

As well as running a multi-site swim school for over 19 years, I’m also the co-designer of an award winning swim product called ‘Pool Platforms’. We now sell our product to swim schools globally.

But my best (and hardest) job is being Mum to my two small children, Sam and Eva. Every day is a challenge to find the right balance between running my businesses and being there to help them grow and learn too!


When travelling with children, build a holiday survival kit for the journey packed with snacks and activities to keep them busy and entertained. I make it a surprise for them both to open on the day of travel and it has something that both Sam and Eva get really excited about!


"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. Benjamin Franklin


Oh wow, there are so many. Childs Farm products are just the best! We use them at our pools. But, I totally love any interactive toy that makes bath time fun time and so I am going to have to go with the TINTI Magic wand £6.50. If you make water play less scary or forced, you will see your little one’s transition to the pool much more easily!


I live by these 3 top tips and have done since starting Swimming Rocks:

Swimming Instructors can give badges and certificates but its Mum and Dad who are most important to children. Your PRAISE will encourage, give confidence and keep their interest to keep going and improve more and more. Its lovely to see a student complete a new task only to look straight to Mum sat on the poolside clapping and giving the thumbs up!

It can be really daunting for some children but with practice they can develop a lifetime’s enjoyment of swimming. Be PATIENT. It takes time to learn to swim properly and whilst some skills will come easily, others may take a dauntingly long time to achieve. But they will get there in the end...we promise!

Don’t give up. Especially when it’s cold and dark outside. Keep going to your lessons and your will see results. Even small breaks in lessons can have a regressive impact. PERSISTENCE will pay off.

Swimming is a healthy activity that can be enjoyed forever and you never know, we may even find the next Ellie Symonds, Rebecca Adlington or Adam Peaty!

Here at THE FIND we have been working closely with Swimming Rocks to make that weekly trip to the pool even more FAB. We have created the Swimming Rocks Bag £25.00. The Dock & Bay hooded poncho comes in a handy backpack perfectly sized for your little ones swimmers and goggles. Also inside this one stop shop back pack is the Swimming Rocks Swim Hat, Childs Farm 3-in-1 Swim & the Hair Detangler. The towel is made from the miracle microfibre so is soft to touch and dries 3 times faster than normal cotton towels. Award Winning 3-in-1 Childs Farm Swim is a shampoo conditioner & body wash ideal to use after swimming to thoroughly clean off chlorine and the Hair Detangler does exactly that!


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