This week we're lucky to have not one but two founders to chat to: Laurie and Brett of the Natural Deodorant Co. They're on a mission to help the world stay fresh without any nasty chemicals or preservatives. By developing three separate formulas based on skin type and lifestyle, they've got a natural alternative for everyone and, unlike some natural deodorants, they don't need to be reapplied throughout the day to be effective.

The Natural Deodorant Co.

How would you describe your brand in one sentence?

Flawlessly effective deodorant balms.

How did your brand come about?

We decided to create The Natural Deodorant Co. when we were well and truly tired of trying natural deodorants that simply did not perform as well as their conventional counterparts. We made the decision to “go natural” in all of the products we used and it wasn’t until we developed the formula for our first deodorant that we found a natural deodorant that’s effects lasted a whole day.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a brand?

The biggest challenge we have faced as a brand is probably the same as many new business owners in that you effectively wear every single hat and operate every department between just a couple of people. Dividing up time and fitting all of the jobs big and small into the working week is no easy task and it seems like to-do lists are never ending, but thankfully we rose to that challenge and now have an excellent team around us to make us even more productive as individuals and, ultimately, as a company too.

What are you most proud of as a brand?

As a brand we are most proud that we have stayed true to our values even as our business has grown. From day one our number one priority has and always will be delivering a high quality product to our customers, and as our production has increased we have ensured there has been zero compromise on quality, and in fact we believe our products are better than they have ever been.

What sets you apart from other brands in your category?

Our brand is unique in that we have a range of three separate formulas based on a person’s skin type and lifestyle.

We have the Clean Deodorant Balm for all skin types and daily use. The Gentle Deodorant Cream for sensitive skin. And the Active Deodorant Balm for when you need your deodorant to go the extra mile.

What is your best beauty hack?

Laurie: If I’m out of body scrub I have been known to reuse the grounds from my Nespresso. I mix them with granulated sugar and coconut oil and it makes my skin so smooth.

What is your LITTLE FIND?

Brett: Apart from the Clean Deodorant Balm for Men? I recently purchased a Dock & Bay microfibre beach towel which I am in love with.

Laurie: I’m currently using the Haeckels Eco Marine Facial Cream and I love it. It’s really hydrating.

Now, let’s have a little fun and FIND out about you...
Tea of Coffee?

Brett: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

Laurie: Definitely coffee

Working alone or working in a team?

Brett: For the first few years building this business we were a small team of two which naturally lent itself to lots of time working alone, and I was very proud of my ability to do so. However as our team has grown larger I have learned that a great team is essential to run a successful company and I would never want to go back and be without them.

Laurie: I work alone everyday, as I work from home. I really enjoy it, but I did used to get a bit lonely (before lockdown) so we bought a puppy!

Antique or brand new?

Brett: Brand new.

Laurie: Hmm, a mix of both.

City or countryside?

Brett: Ooh, tough one. Bit of both depending on the mood.

Laurie: Countryside

Call or text?

Brett: Definitely a phone call.

Laurie: Always a text.

Tv or book?

Brett: TV. I’m definitely that person who just can’t say no to another episode after a great cliffhanger on the last one!

Laurie: Books, books, books

Pressed Juice or Cocktail?

Brett: I have been known to have a piña colada or two.

Laurie: Pressed juice. I’m pretty much tee-total these days

Serums or Oils?

Laurie: generally speaking, I gravitate towards oils but this summer I’ve really needed extra hydration so I’m using a hyaluronic acid serum during the day and oils at night for blemish control.


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