If you're a parent running out of ideas of how to keep your kids occupied (away from a screen) but would like to trick them into learning at the same time as doing something fun then Inspire My Play is a fantastic resource. Home learning has been challenging (to say the least) for us all but their website has so many brilliant ideas for learning through play and help little ones develop necessary skills whilst enjoying themselves and exploring all sorts of areas. Many of the ideas involve using household items so no need to worry about having lots of special equipment to make them work either.


By Edward Bulmer: A beautiful colour palette using entirely non-toxic paint formulations and avoiding the chemicals used in most paints which comes from refined crude oil. The first natural paint to be as tough and durable as a synthetic 'plastic' paint. Imagine if you could invite one of the country’s leading interior designers into your home to advise you. Beautiful and healthy.

MOB Kitchen Dahl Recipe

MOB Kitchen's Coconut, Spinach and Tomato Dahl

We absolutely love MOB Kitchen with their brilliant, exciting recipes which all feed four people for £10 or under. The only thing they expect you to have in your cupboards is olive oil, salt and pepper, everything else is included in their ingredients list.
They have a huge range to choose from so whether you're looking for something speedy to whip up in a hurry or something special when you want to impress - they've got you covered. All their recipes are clearly laid out and explained so they're perfect for getting kids and teenagers involved in cooking too (yes please!). They've also got a new book that has just come out called EARTH MOB with recipes specifically designed to reduce waste, spend less and be sustainable.
We can't wait to tuck in!

Enthusiast & Co Poscast

PODCAST: The Enthusiast & Co

Host Ellie Kime is here to encourage us to reclaim our enthusiasm, and be unabashedly proud of loving something with all of our heart or all of our head - or both! Being enthusiastic about something, whatever it is, is great. It doesn't have to be something big or grandiose, and you don't have to worry about it being impressive to your friends - it's whatever it is that you're really, really passionate about. For some, it's huge earrings. For others, it's world peace. Anything is important if it's important to you. We love her mix of guests and hearing all the things they are enthusiastic about.

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