"Observing and interacting with species of penguins, whales and birdlife makes me feel at home, more so than the society we are directed living in today."

Meet Lucia Griggi who not only is an award-winning photographer, but also a fantastic role model for women, breaking through in not just one, but two male dominated industries – surfing and photography.

How would you see the world if no one would travel through all these remote places, stays up all night long, with frozen fingers, sweaty, in the air, hiding to catch a close up of a rather shy or dangerous animal, or magical northern light you always dream of exploring yourself?

It needs a visual explorer like Lucia Griggi, brave and full of vivid energy. She combines her English precision with Venetian creativity to capture the moment with clarity and wit.

Lucia Griggi, photographer - Ice

How would you describe your brand or mission?
Lucia Griggi Studio consists of photography and film directing, delving deep into the world of travel and exploring the last frontiers. Undertaking expeditions from pole to pole, arctic adventures in the summer months and far south into the white desert of Antarctica. My mission is to provide awareness of environmental changes, sometimes when "we" as society are so far disconnected from such places, its important to get reconnected. Film and photos can do just that.

What was your motivation?
Seeing and experiencing the world is my motivation and my camera enables me to do just that, I love traveling to remote and untouched corners of our planet, where wildlife lead and humans are visitors. Observing and interacting with species of penguins, whales and birdlife makes me feel at home, more so than the society we are directed to be living in today.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced?
Being a creative there are extreme highs and lows. It can be extremely hard to keep balanced. Living a life on the road means there are sacrifices with friends and families and alot of solitude to be had. I love being alone but sometimes its hard to feel I haven't missed out on those special moments that only come around once.
Lucia Griggi

What are you most proud of?
Im most proud of my published work. It's important to feel accomplished and rewarded for the hard work that goes into making visual assets. From time in the field, to working In the edit room, there is a huge long work flow that needs to happen to see the final output out there in in the world. A recent published feature was on the cover of the surfers journal, an works wide acclaimed surf magazine.

What projects are you working on at the moment?
I am currently working on getting back to the Galapagos Islands. I also will be collaborating with another director on an expedition over one of Icelands glaciers to some remote surf destinations in the autumn. A personal project ongoing is a film im working on which is in memory of someone who has passed and will always be remembered as a very influential part of my life.

Could you pick one small change for everyone to make to live more sustainably?
Yes absolutely, to be more aware. Awakening happens to most people over their life span and with this actions can be made, however small, they can be such a huge step forward to living more sustainable. One small change I have made is being plastic free, shooting at natural stores and buying bulk. I try my best and shop locally to support our local farms.

What book is top of your “must-read” list?
I enjoy reading and listing to Tim Ferriss, I find it really interesting who he interviews and depict out their daily rituals to a successful and manful life.

What is your LITTLE FIND? (Favourite product on THE FIND)
ROMILLY WILDE, Eye Believe Eye Serum

Romilly Wilde - Eye Believe Serum

Quickfire questions...

  • Perfect Living: tent, castle or cottage? Amongst nature and in the wilderness I love to find quiet corners of the world untouched by human presence.
  • Next on your bucket list? Iceland, land of fire and ice, it makes me feel alive and free.
  • Where do you save money? Travel as its my work and I get supported to go explore!
  • Where do you splurge? Surfboards, its my mediation and sanity, I love to be in the ocean and to feel the water and surf.
  • Your favourite object in your house? My Piano as I love to play music and compose.
  • Vintage, recycled or brand new? Always so well built and has character.
  • Tech addict or technophobe? Depends what day it is! I don't mind jumping on my iPhone but not too savy!
  • Perfect treat? Dark Chocolate all the way!!

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