Why We Eat (Too Much)


A NEW SCIENCE OF APPETITE. This ground-breaking book proves that what we have been told about our diet until now has been all wrong and how, in fact, diet culture can drive up your weight in the long-term.
Released at the beginning of the year and already a bestseller. A refreshing antidote to junk public health diet alive. The current epidemic of obesity and diet-related disease is a legacy of catastrophic public health advice based on flimsy science. "A compelling look at the science of appetite and metabolism", Vogue
For over two decades, weight loss surgeon Dr Andrew Jenkinson has treated thousands of people who have become trapped in the endless cycle of dieting. Why We Eat (Too Much), combines case studies from his practice and the new science of metabolism to illuminate how our appetite really works.

Debunking the great myths of the body, and systematically explaining why dieting is counter-productive, this unflinching book investigates every aspect of nutrition. From the 'set weight point' that is unique to everyone, to the difference between good and bad fats, he explores the impact of genes and genetic mutation on our weight and what happens to our hormones long after a diet ends.

S Town - American Series Podcast


Highly entertaining and thrilling American bestseller podcast series 'S Town'. Brilliant, complex, incredibly invasive deep dive into one man's life. A reporter to investigate the son of a wealthy family who's allegedly been bragging that the got away with murder. Not new, but don't miss it, if you haven't had the time so far listing to it. With over 80 million downloads, on of the most successful podcasts out there. You get hooked.

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