Peach Yoghurt Semi-Fredo

Peach - Yoghurt Semifreddo

Light, posh and incredibly delicious. A real treat. And we learnt that leaving the skin on the peaches makes pink swirls. Refreshing dessert for the last days of the summer.

Think of semifreddo as ice cream that you can make without the use of an ice cream maker: Whipping egg whites into a glossy meringue introduces enough air into the mix that it stays soft and creamy when it freezes.

National Geographic Overheard Podcast


National Geographic's podcast OVERHEARD: "Humpback Whale Song". We’ll learn why these super smart cetaceans may have a lot more in common with us than we’d ever imagined.

BRIAN SKERRY (National Geographic Explorer): You can imagine you're in this sort of blue void. You're out in oftentimes open ocean. And you see this whale and it's motionless it's just sitting there and in that position without moving.

"It’s kind of like how a human pop song’s got a first verse, a second verse, a chorus that comes around a couple times... maybe a dance break."

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