Perhaps one of the most charming family-friendly films Netflix has recently dropped. The movie, which premiered on 23rd Sept., follows the adventures of Enola Holmes - the young sister of famed detective Sherlock. With a mission to find her mother, who disappears on her 16th birthday, leaving her nothing but money and cipher decoder.
The film is based on author Nancy Springer's Enola Holmes book collection, specifically the 2006 debut tome, The Case of the Missing Marquess. Both the movie and the novel follow Enola's exploits as she investigates the disappearance of her mother, Eudoria, while helping a runaway nobleman named Viscount Tewksbury escape looming perils. The end of the film adaptation certainly leaves room for a sequel. It seems as though Enola is just at the start of her true journey, and with five other works in Springer's Enola-centric repertoire, there's plenty of material to pull from.


a handbook when things go wrong by Elizabeth Day

BOOK - failosophy by Elizabeth Day: Bestselling author of How To Fail who brings together all the lessons she has learned, from conversations with the guests on her award-winning 'How to Fail' podcast, from stories shared with her by readers and listeners, and from her own life, and distils them into seven principles of failure.

Practical, reassuring and inspirational, these principles offer a guide through life's rough patches. From failed exams to romantic break-ups, from career setbacks to confidence crises, from navigating anxiety to surviving loss, Failosophy recognises, and celebrates, the fact that failure connects us all. It is what makes us human.

With insights from Malcolm Gladwell, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Lemn Sissay, Frankie Bridge, Nigel Slater, Emeli Sande, Alain de Botton, Mabel, Fearne Cotton, Meera Syal, Dame Kelly Holmes, Andrew Scott and many, many more, Failosophy is the essential handbook for turning failure into success.

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