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Boost LED Body Patch

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The Light Salon’s Boost LED Body Patch delivers transformative skincare and wellbeing benefits to the whole body – all in the comfort of your home.

How it works:

Just like salon light therapy, the portable Body Patch uses clinically-proven red 633nm and near infrared 830nm wavelengths to boost your complexion and calm your mood.

These optimised wavelengths give temporary relief of stiffness, pain and spasm in the muscles and joints, by increasing blood circulation and relaxing the muscles. LED also increases the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – three key elements of healthy, bright and radiant skin.

Not only does this lightweight and adaptable Body Patch strengthen your skin’s natural barrier – helping to reduce fine lines, even skin tone and give a healthy glow – it also helps soothe joint pain and muscle spasm, encouraging deep relaxation.


  • Clinical studies have shown LED light helps with the improvement of pain management thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Just like water, diet, exercise and sleep, light is vital for our cells to thrive and a core ingredient of a balanced lifestyle.
  • Whether you want to support the treatment of a sports injury, reduce recovery time after exercise, or simply give your skin a nourishing boost, the Body Patch combines passion and technology to treat mind, body and soul.
  • Light-weight, portable and crafted from soft, medical-grade silicone

Aftercare help is available from The Light Salon directly, please find information on how to access this in the information book provided with the product.

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