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Sports & Swimwear Wash

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The Lab Co.'s mission was to create a natural detergent that was actually powerful enough to deal with activewear and swimwear and they are confident their Sports Wash does just that. Designed to fight strong body odours and remove tough stains like grass and mud whilst also eliminating chlorine and salt that can ruin your swim attire - all without the need for any harsh chemicals.

They have carefully blended uplifting Cuban Grapefruit with the de-stressing properties of Ylang Ylang to ensure you have a clear head and feel energised whatever activity you choose.


  • Concentrated / Up to 20 Washes
  • Plant Derived Ingredients 
  • ZERO harsh chemicals & Toxins
  • ZERO Phosphates, OBAs and FBAs
  • Protects structure of fabric fibres 
  • Eliminates the need for dry cleaning
  • Made in the UK

Hand Wash: 1-2 capfuls (10-20mls) Machine Wash Soft Water/Light Soiling: 2 capfuls (20mls) Machine Wash Hard Water/Heavy Soiling: 4 capfuls (40mls) *Please follow the advice given on the garment care label.

Contains natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. This includes 5 - < 15 % non-ionic surfactants. < 5% fragrance (contains d-limonene, linalool), preservative (contains phenoxyethanol).

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