The Curious Bear

Lets Grow - Crazy Cactuses

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The Curious Bear Kits support the building of independence and confidence and improve physical, visual and sensory skills. Above all they are designed to give children the opportunity to increase their interest in the natural world, be creative and have fun.

Grow your own cacti with this kids gardening kit. They may be slow growing but be patient and you’ll be rewarded with prickly delights. While you wait for your fiendishly ferocious garden to grow you can use your wooden flower pots and Fimo modelling clay to make your very own cactus creations! A fantastic kids craft kit for all budding gardeners who want to grow something different with a wonderful craft activity to inspire creativity. A perfect gift for kids.

Kit Includes

  • Hedgehog Cactus seeds
  • Elephant Cactus seeds
  • Golden Barrel Cactus seeds
  • 6 biodegradable plant pots
  • 6 natural birch plant markers
  • 2 natural coco coir compost discs
  • Twig pencil
  • 3 mini natural wood pots
  • 2 packets of coloured Fimo Kids modelling clay
  • Linen drawstring bag
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